H.J.Helliwell & Sons



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Farming in North Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire since 1922

Moat Farm is situated in and around Torworth and Barnby Moor in North Nottinghamshire, it is owned and managed by the Helliwell family who have been farming at Moat Farm since 1922 and previously in Yorkshire for many generations.


The farm is arable and we grow a broad range of crops on our light sandy soils which we have the facility to irrigate.

We are as environmentally conscious in our farming as possible and although we are not fully organic, all of our land is managed using an environmentally friendly 'Integrated Farm Management' approach, this method opposes using any treatments on our crops that are not vital to eliminate pests and disease, hence this maximises benefits to the environment whilst producing the quality crops. We use organic manure when available and apply our fertiliser in liquid form using GPS for highly accurate application.

All water from building our roofs is captured, filtered and used on the farm, we recycle all waste plastics, oil, steel and wood.

We are mindful of public health at all times and always apply common sense principles to our farming methods including supporting the reduction of 'food miles' and adopting green energy including a large solar array.